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Two Golf Guys was founded by two best friends, Chris and Kyle, both obsessed with golf.  We talk golf constantly and realized people could benefit from our obsession with the world’s greatest sport.  We’re bringing you authentic and completely independent golf product reviews and content from our unique perspectives.  We each have very different approaches to the game, while Kyle is more of a feel player, Chris takes more of a technical approach to the game.  Our goal is to test and then review all types of golf products for your benefit, bias free – from gadgets, to clubs, to educational materials and course reviews, Two Golf Guys is your first and last stop for golf research. Welcome!!


About Chris

A real estate portfolio analyst and entrepreneur by day, I’m a mechanical and data-minded golfer in search of the optimal swing.  My home-grown swing hit its ceiling in 2013 at a 14 handicap and I’ve been slowly rebuilding from the ground up through lessons, video analysis and stat tracking.  Don’t rebuild your swing unless you have lots of time to practice!

Game Strengths: Long irons, chipping

Game Weaknesses:  Drives, scrambling, and the 20-80 yard approach range

Favorite Shot:  PW from 130 yards

Favorite PGA Pro Swing:  Justin Rose.  Tempo, tempo, tempo.

Email: chris@twogolfguys.com

About Kyle

I’m traditionally a feel player who has tried to take the math out of golf to avoid overthinking on the course. My approach has been to get the largest bucket of balls the range offers and hit one club until I can consistently hit the trajectories and distances that I have in mind.  However, recently I’ve changed this approach. After getting my handicap to about a 9, I plateaued due to inconsistent ball striking.  I now videotape my own swing, read books, watch videos, and analyze my numbers.  My main goal this season (2020) is to get my shoulders to stop fighting gravity on the upswing, improve my hip rotation through impact, and keep the club on-plane a little more consistently through impact.  As always, my main goal is more consistent ball striking. Unlike most players, I am much much more concerned with quality ball-striking than distance.

Game Strengths: Driver and mid irons

Game Weaknesses:  PUTTING

Favorite Shot:  9-iron from 140

Favorite PGA Pro Swing:  Rory McIlroy because he stays perfectly balanced and on-plane during his swing. His swing is not overly complicated. He just (almost) perfectly executes the fundamentals of plane and rotation. He can hit the ball just as far as Brooks Koepka or Dustin Johnson, but is in contention more consistently with a chance to win tournaments due to his superior ball-striking…and he’s 5’9” tall. Let’s see if he can get another major this year!

Email: kyle@twogolfguys.com



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