Athalonz Enve: Golf Shoe Review

Athalonz golf shoe review.

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Athalonz Enve Golf Shoe

Athalonz is a general sports company that manufactures a wide variety of sporting equipment. They pride themselves on research and a science-based approach to creating their products. Although Athalonz is relatively new to the golf shoe marketplace, the company has recently grown it’s brand recognition by sponsoring World Long Drive professional golfers. If you watched the 2019 World Long Drive Championships you may have noticed 2019 WLD champions Chloe Garner and Kyle Berkshire wearing these shoes.  That seems like a pretty good sign. Overall, the Athalonz Enve golf shoe is a unique and well-thought-out golf shoe that is principally built for athletic performance. Let’s get into the details.


Athalonz golf shoe frontal view.

Comfort and Support

The Athalonz Envy golf shoes are principally built for making an athletic golf swing. While some companies are designing golf shoes that are minimalist in nature to fit various styles of dress. The Athalonz Enve takes the opposite approach. This golf shoe has various features that detract from its aesthetic versatility (you won’t be wearing these in the boardroom), but make it one of the best golf shoes for the course.

Athalonz golf shoe rear

Lots of Comfort

Unlike most golf shoes, the Athalonz Enve features a unique support bootie. This is a bit different from a traditional golf shoe with a traditional tongue. The bootie really makes the shoe fit snugly to your foot making it all the more comfortable. To be honest, we wish more of the best golf shoes had this feature.

The Anthalonz envy also features optional “lockdown eyelets” which are the unfilled holes adjacent to the top shoelace hole. If you need even more support, you can string the laces through these extra holes. The golf shoes also feature a roomy toe box at the front to prevent your toes from getting cramped. This is an especially nice feature for those of you with wider feet.

Plenty of Support

The Athalonz Envy is packed with features to support and promote an athletic golf swing. The golf shoe features a comfortable midsole and natural flex zone where the golf shoe creases to both support the foot while also allowing it to move in ways that support your swing.  The sole of the Athalonz Enve, like the rest of the golf shoe, is unique. The sole of the shoe features a spike-less design with varying groove patterns to promote grip and stability through the swing. More golf shoe companies these days are going spike-less and with the long drive champs wearing spike-less shoes, it’s hard to argue that they cause your feet to slip.

Athalonz Enve golf shoe sole

Is the Athalonz Enve the Best Golf Shoe for you?

The Athalonz Envy golf shoes are comfortable and supportive. Because Athalonz built these for an athletic golf swing, they’re easy to slip on and support you as you swing. These may be the best golf shoes for you if you’re a golfer who is always re-tying your golf shoes and/or you like a snug fit that feels powerful.  If these golf shoes are good enough for the reigning long drive champs, they’re probably worth checking out.  


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