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Athalonz Enve Golf Shoes Review

Athalonz Enve Golf Shoes

Athalonz is putting a unique spin on a product that every golfer is quite acquainted with. The golf shoe. We all need them, and perhaps even more importantly, we all need one that is suitable for our unique set of preferences.

The Athalonz golf shoe includes a design that has might have broad appeal to golfers looking for style and function.

We had the pleasure of trying out these shoes and getting a good sense of what they have to offer.

Read on to find out our thoughts on the innovative and interesting Athalonz shoes!


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Let’s first talk looks. The nice thing about the Athalonz shoes is that they really keep to a contemporary design. While golf shoes of yesteryear bore an appearance that distinctly identified them for their intended function, these shoes step away from that trend a little bit.

The Athalonz shoes aren’t overly preppy. In fact, they look a lot like a running shoe. This style is enhanced by the lack of spikes.

The innovative “spike free” concept is actually what distinguishes these shoes from most of the others that you will see on the market.

We will discuss how this design touch impacts the performance a little bit later on. For now though, it is safe to safe to say that the spike-free look definitely makes the shoe look more appropriate for a diverse range of applications.

Athalonz EnVe Golf Shoes |

Are you going to wear them out on the street? You’re going to want to but extensive exposure to concrete sidewalks is going to have a damaging effect on the shoe soles.

But the point is, you could wear them out without anyone raising an eyebrow.

Lastly, we really liked the shoe tongue. Sounds like a strange feature to even point out, right? Maybe it is. Either way, the tongue does add a degree of efficiency to the shoe. They slip on and off easily so you don’t have to do aggravatingly squeeze them off in the parking lot.



The novelty of this shoe is that the design is meant to add more torque to your swing. And in fact, if you look through their ad material, that is definitely the tone that they are trying to put forward. They have lots of long drive champions wearing the shoe.

You aren’t going to all of a sudden start hitting the ball four-hundred yards the way that they do, but design concept does seem to pay off at least somewhat.

Athalonz EnVe Golf Shoes |

You do feel the extra torque-especially during good conditions. On an average day, the shoes do seem to have a little bit more “grab” which allows for a greater winding motion in the swing.

There are a couple of downsides to the flexible, spike free design though.

For one thing, on wet days, spikes are advantageous to have. The extra grip that they provide allows you to maintain a stable stance.

You don’t get there here. On rainy, soggy days, you are going to need to be a little bit more measured in your approach

The other issue is sustainability. The textured sole does work as intended out of the box, but unfortunately, it isn’t replaceable the way that shoe spikes are.

In other words, these might not last as long as those steel spiked shoes your dad used for eight years.

The good news? These shoes are pretty moderately priced, so the trade off might be worthwhile


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Final thoughts? Though the Athalonz shoes do have a couple of downsides, the aggregate experience that they produce skews positive. If you are looking for an innovative, stylish you design that might add a couple of yards to your swing, the Athalonz shoes may be something to consider.

Athalonz EnVe Golf Shoes |


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