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Black Friday Golf Deals Guide

Black friday golf deals flyer

Black Friday is golf’s chance to be a little bit less obnoxiously expensive. In other words, if you’ve been eyeballing a shiny new driver Black Friday might be the time to make your move.

Then again it might not be. That’s the thing about Black Friday. If you don’t go into it educated, things aren’t going to go the way that you want them to. Never fear. That’s why we are here. To show you the best deals and make sure that you don’t get had this shopping season!

This List

The list that we have for you here today is cultivated to be as accurate and helpful as possible. The products that you find on our page are guaranteed to be, well. Not cheap. But cheaper than they are during the rest of the year. Hey. That’s not nothing.

Don’t get tricked

Keep in mind that even your favorite golf club manufacturer isn’t your friend. You want their clubs and they want your money. It’s a symbiotic relationship that is contingent on them making a tidy profit.

Even on Black Friday, they intend to do exactly that.

How is it done? Mark ups! Not the regular kind either. Products are always marked up—that’s a capitalism constant. We are talking very specific markups.

Some golf retailers even jack the prices up only slash then down to make the deals look better than they actually are.

The key to not spending more than you want to is pretty simple. Don’t spend more than you want to. Ignore the sticker that says how much you are saving. Just pay attention to the price. Is this how much you want to spend on equipment? If so, do it. If not, don’t.

If you shop smart this is a very low pressure situation.

The Deals

Bushnell X2 Rangefinder

Bushnell’s most durable and easiest-to-use golf rangefinder is equal to the best price we’ve ever seen it, as of this morning. It’s our pick for the best overall rangefinder of 2018 in our full golf rangefinder reviews page.

If this one is out of your budget range, check out the Precision Pro NX7, up next.


Precision Pro NX7 Pro

This is the best price we’ve ever seen for this unit (usually $20+ higher). Precision Pro is our choice of best new rangefinder in 2018 (review here) and is a great value. IF you’ve never owned a rangefinder before, this unit is a great starting point.

Adidas Ultimate Fit Pants

Adidas makes good quality pants for golf and these look like an absolute steal. $24 and change as of 9:38am Central.

Check out this deal

Under Armour Match Play Pants

Here’s another killer deal on pants. The Under Armour match play pants feel and look great (I own a few of these myself). Warning prices vary a little by size.

Check Deal

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