Caddy Daddy Golf Constrictor 2 Travel Cover Review

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The Caddy Daddy Golf Constrictor 2 Travel Cover is a durable soft-case bag that comes with some newly implemented features and technologies. Pricing is competitive, giving this cover high ratings for overall value. There are a few downsides to consider which we will cover in more detail in this review. Overall, this is a reliable bag that will keep your gear safe from harm for years to come.
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When you open the package, you will see that the bag is folded in half and takes up very little space, convenient for storage. It has a high quality feel – the new 1800D nylon fabric makes the bag very robust, although it weighs in at only 9 pounds.

The main compartment is 50” tall and 13” by 15” wide, which is ample space for most styles of golf bags. There is plenty of room for a driver and your other clubs along with additional gear, features that even much more expensive bags don’t always provide. The side pockets are ample for a pair of shoes each and enough room to stuff in a few extra small items. An additional small pocket is perfect for keys, balls, and other odds and ends.


When it comes to protection, the top section is heavily padded to make sure that your golf clubs are safe inside. Keep in mind that this is a soft case so it doesn’t provide rigid support, although it does have reinforced curb rails and a reinforced bottom to make sure your gear won’t be damaged from rough baggage handling at the airport. The quality is definitely there.

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The high grade zippers are fully lockable, although locks are not included so plan on spending a few extra bucks on those. Another stand out feature includes 2 side handles (in addition to a traditional top handle) which can be separated so that 2 people can carry the bag if needed. The top handle features an ergonomic rubber grip, the front handles are nylon padded, making them comfortable for toting around when loaded.


This model has a two-wheel rolling system which we found to be the biggest design flaw of this golf bag cover overall. Although the bag does glide well even when fully loaded, placing all the weight on just two wheels will make them wear out faster than some other models. In addition, it is designed only to tilt and roll, decreasing convenience in terms of moving the loaded bag around in tight spaces. When it comes to stability, since this bag is a soft case, there is a slight leaning forward when fully loaded, although this is to be expected.

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Plenty of space, durable construction and a great price point make this a nice choice for value. If you are a heavy traveler, you may want to steer towards a model with more wheels for added durability over the long haul. Otherwise, this is fairly good bag offering plenty of storage and protection for your precious golf gear. Logo

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