Callaway Mack Daddy 4 Golf Wedges Review

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Callaway’s newest wedge, the Mack Daddy 4, is the wedge used by some of the greatest wedge players in the game, including Phil Mickelson. Legendary wedge designer, Roger Cleveland, has helped Callaway create an exceptional wedge, once again. His goal on this club was to create a wedge that produced maximum spin. As you’ll see, there are plenty of features on this wedge which help dramatically increase the spin rate players will experience.

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Soft Carbon Steel, Precision Center of Gravity, and Crisp Turf Interaction

To start, the Mack Daddy 4 wedge is one of the best feeling wedges available today. This is a result of the soft carbon steel that makes up the head of this club. Callaway has a four-weight port system, located on the bottom of the club, which focuses on the center of gravity, creating an incredible feel off the face at impact. These four ports, along with the milled aluminum medallions, move the center of gravity forward as the wedge loft increases. Varying centers of gravity, paired with the loft of the club, also adds to the overall feel of each wedge.

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Groove-In-Groove Technology

Callaway equipped the Mack Daddy 4 with their “groove-in-groove” technology. It combines the normal “macro” grooves with additional “micro” grooves in between, leading to more spin and control. There are 84 contact points on the face which is unmatched by any other wedge on the market. These points allow the Mack Daddy 4 to create more spin than ever before. There’s an added groove, called the “nip it” groove,” at the bottom of the face that helps to create more spin on short pitches and chip shots. Not only are the grooves some of the best on the market, Callaway has also designed the leading edge of the club to have a tighter radius. This helps make pure contact when faced with a tight lie.

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Four Sole Grinds

Callaway offers four sole grinds on the Mack Daddy 4 wedges; the C, S, W, and X grinds. Each of these grinds are a way of customizing the wedge to each individual player depending on a person’s playing style, angle of attack, and the golf course conditions. Two of the grinds, the C and X, are great options for players who like to play a variety of different shots at courses with a wide range of lie conditions. On the other hand, the W and S grinds are extremely versatile and ideal for golfers who primarily hit their wedges with a square face.

More specifically, the C grind offers increased relief, especially at the heel, and makes it easier for a player to hit shots with an open face. Players who have a medium or shallow angle of attack will benefit greatly from this grind. The S grind offers moderate relief throughout the sole for players who want to keep the face square at impact. The W grind is a wider sole at the center and narrower at the heel which prevents digging and keeps the toe of the club closed at impact for a square shot. Finally, the X grind is the new grind that has a low point at the toe to help players with steep attack angles.

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Loft & Bounce Selection

Callaway makes loft and bounce selection fairly easy with the lineup they offer in the Mack Daddy 4 wedges. There are plenty of options, but not too many to be overwhelming for the average consumer. There are only three bounce options; 8, 10, and 12 degrees. For players who have a steep swing that tends to dig into the ground, they ought to consider a high bounce club. On the other hand, players who sweep, or have a shallow swing approach, ought to go for a lower bounce option. Similarly, there are plenty of loft options to cover every player. Callaway offers everything from 46 degrees all the way to a 64-degree lob wedge.


Callaway has created a collection of wedges that generate a large amount of spin, leading to more control in a golfer’s short game. They’ve also made the selection of a loft, bounce, and grind combination easier than ever while still providing enough options for players of all skill levels and swing-types. Logo

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