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Father’s Day Golf Gifts | The best golf gift ideas for 2018

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Two Golf Guys is here with our selection of the best Father’s Day golf gifts for the golf loving dad in your life.

Whether you are buying for a new father at your office or looking for something for that special guy in your life, read on to find a memorable gift this year.

All of these picks are top-rated selections from people that know, understand, and are in love with the game of golf. Rest assured that none of these golf gear gifts will land with a thud. They are all winners!

Father’s Day Golf Gifts

  1. Rangefinder: Bushnell Tour V4 (measures precise distance to any target)
  2. Golf Watch: Garmin Approach S60 (measures precise distance to green and hazards)
  3. Golf Shoes: Footjoy Tour S
  4. Golf Balls: Callaway Chrome Soft
  5. Cart Bag: Sun Mountain C-130
  6. Driver: Taylor Made M3
  7. Irons: Taylor Made M3

Bushnell Tour V4 Rangefinder

Tour V4 Golf Rangefinder - TGG Father's Day Gift Guide
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Do you have a gadget geek on your hands? If so, then a rangefinder may be just the thing for Father’s Day this year.

Bushnell is a leader in optics both on and off the links. They have been making outstanding rangefinders tailored to the game of golf since they first became a thing.

One of the features we love about this year’s model is called “Jolt” which locks in and gives a visual cue when the flag is acquired, adding confidence that the information is accurate right to the hole.

Another detail that makes this our top choice is that it has slope technology which gives the golfer information about the elevation of their target. New USGA rules have banned slope technology for tournament play, but because this rangefinder has a switch to toggle off slope data, it is USGA compliant. Best of both worlds!

Rangefinders are the latest “can’t live without” technology on the golf course, helping golfers improve their instincts and fine-tune their game on every hole. Dad will appreciate adding this new dimension to his gameplay.

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Garmin Approach S60 Golf Watch

Garmin S60 golf gps watch - TGG Father's Day Gift Guide

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This is a Father’s Day golf gift idea for the golf loving dad that already has the most up to date gear, apparel and clubs. It is a fun way to add new levels to his game by giving him access to all kinds of useful information on the layout of the course without having to be constantly digging around in the golf bag.

Over 41,000 course maps from the most popular links across the globe are already loaded into the watch witch automatically updates to stay current. Rich and detailed data such as distance, elevation and pinpoint targeting let him make the most of every shot.

One of the most important benefits of this high-tech gadget is that it offers helpful post game analytics using recorded data from each and every swing of the day to crunch the numbers and target areas for improvement in his swing.

On the fashion side of things, this watch features interchangeable bands and customizable digital faces for a look that works on or off the range. This smart watch features plenty of widgets to choose from such as activity trackers, mobile phone integration, GPS tracker, real time weather and much more.

The Approach S60 is this year’s “it” father’s day golf gift idea. It’s a thoughtful way to support his habit…ahem…hobby.

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Footjoy Tour S Golf Shoes

FootJoy Tour S Golf Shoes - - TGG Father's Day Gift Guide
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You can’t go wrong with Footjoy, the number one shoe in golf for a reason. Design wise, these shoes are streamlined and modern with just a touch of color to accent a clean and distinguished look. Shoes say a lot about the man and Pops will be proud to stroll the greens in these.

Footjoy isn’t all about form—there is plenty of function happening in these as well. If performance is a priority, these pro-grade shoes have everything he will need regardless of the terrain and weather conditions. Here are a few standout features boasted by the Tour S:

• Tour-S PowerPlate™: Constructed with the latest in lightweight polymer materials, this is a strong yet flexible outsole designed to transfer and ground power throughout the swing.
• LaunchPods™: Take a look at the bottom of these shoes and you will see something that looks like it was designed in the future. Nine orthopedically optimized disks add structure to maximize stability over any terrain found on the course.
• PowerStrap™: This is a molded piece that connects the top lace, bridging down to the sole and back to the heel for superior lateral and medial support.

A great swing requires a stable foundation and footwear designed for the game can make a big difference. The Footjoy Tour S series is our top pick if daddy needs a new pair of golf shoes.

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Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls - TGG Father's Day Gift Guide
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If you are looking for a Father’s Day gift for a friend or colleague that enjoys golf, an excellent choice would be a set of Chrome Soft Golf Balls by trusted name, Callaway.

The secret to these performance driven balls is a real attention to using the best materials available. The core is made with Graphene, an ultralight and super strong new-age material that allows for an entirely new ball design. A larger inner core means you get more distance out of the compression energy from each hit, while reducing spin and boosting loft.

Don’t be surprised if you hear back from the lucky guy that takes home a box of these. They might be as surprised as you to find out that a mere ball can improve distance, height, and control whether form the tee, out of the rough, or on the green.

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Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag

SunMountain C130 Golf Cart Bag - TGG Father's Day Gift Guide

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Go take a peak in the closet to see if Dad is ready for a new golf bag. If so, and you have the means to buy him the best this year, take a long, hard look at the Sun Mountain C-130.

Sun Mountain has been making expertly designed golf gear since 1981 and they continue to rise in popularity for making some of the best bags on the market. Winner of several prestigious awards and garnering fierce brand loyalty from returning customers, the C-130 is a bag that commands respect on the links.

In addition to top-notch materials and quality construction to last for years to come, there are several stand-out features that make this a classy and very practical cart bag:

• 14-way top with full length dividers to keep clubs organized and protected
• 10 pockets optimized for modern golfing gear that are all conveniently placed and open to the front
• Lightweight design, coming in at only 6.9 pounds
• Integrated top handles that are ergonomically designed to make it a snap to get on and off the cart
• Insulated cooler pocket to keep drinks and snacks cool in hot weather

Available in 11 colorways, there is something to chose from that will fit the personal style of any golfer. If you are buying for a veteran, be sure to check out the patriotic red, white and blue variation that harkens to the good-old stars ‘n stripes. If you have a hunter in your family, he may appreciate the camo option.

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Taylor Made M3 Driver

TaylorMade M3 Drive - TGG Father's Day Gift Guide
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One of the hottest new drivers on the market, the M3 by Taylor made is a golfer’s dream. Using the latest in driver technology, the innovative design and superior materials of this driver is likely to add speed, distance, and forgiveness to improve dad’s game off the tee.

This is a driver designed for the ultimate in adjustability. 11 gram weights along the signature Y-track can be positioned in almost infinite positions to adjust for every player’s swing. The “Hammerhead” face features a thin flexible surface that works in concert with precision engineered reinforcements to maximize the size of the sweet spot as well as adding speed and forgiveness on those less-than-perfect hits.

Three shaft options give this driver plenty of range to adapt to different swing styles. Choose the Tensei White for a lower, straighter launch. Pick the Tensei Blue to nail mid-range height, spin and torque. Finally, for a lightweight shaft with a lofty drive, go with the Tensei Red.

The Taylor Made M3 Driver is a gift that will remind dad how much his family loves and supports him each time he hits the links.
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Taylor Made M3 Irons

TaylorMade M3 - TGG Father's Day Gift Guide
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We saved the best for last. If this is the year that you want to go all out for the father in your life, then a full set of irons is how you say: “I love you thiiiiiiiiisssssss much!” in dad-speak.

If you need verification that Taylor Made makes some of the most trusted clubs in the game, look no further than pro golfers such as Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, and Rory McIlroy. Offering the very latest in materials and engineering, Taylor Made is a go-to manufacturer for solid golfers looking for gear to make their game even better.

These irons promise longer, faster, straighter, and higher hits with a flexible face designed to transfer maximum energy to the ball and precision design to increase forgiveness and minimize unintended spin. Even if the hit is low on the face of the club, Taylor Made’s Speed Pocket technology is designed to squeeze out a bit more ball speed to compensate for the mis-hit.

A good set of clubs is critical to any golfer. A great set of clubs is a gift that will reward him for years to come.

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