FootJoy Tour-S BOA: Golf Shoe Review

Image of the Footjoy Tour S BOA golf shoe. Best golf shoe of 2018

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FootJoy Tour-S BOA

The Footjoy Tour-S BOA is essentially the Footjoy Tour-S but without conventional laces.  If you’ve read our Footjoy Tour-S review, you already know that we’re fans of this golf shoe.  The Footjoy Tour-S offers tremendous stability and comfort, characteristics that are critical in a golf shoe.  Before testing the Footjoy Tour-S BOA, our primary concerns were with how the BOA technology would affect the comfort of the shoe and how the golf shoe conforms to the golfer’s foot.  Many golfers are hesitant to buy golf shoes with BOA technology for these reasons, so we were interested to see how these performed. Ultimately, we were pleasantly surprised by these golf shoes.  The BOA technology adds to an already great golf shoe without subtracting from it in any meaningful way.  Let’s get into the details.



 Image of BOA dial on the Footjoy Tour S BOA golf shoe

What the heck is a BOA Dial?

Wondering what a BOA dial is?  So were we when Footjoy first introduced this technology a few years back. A  BOA dial is essentially a little circular crank on the back of a golf shoe that connects to a wiring system that crisscrosses the top of the shoe.  This wiring system replaces traditional laces.  When you turn the wheel clockwise on the back of the golf shoe, the metal laces on the top of the shoe tighten – mimicking the tightening of laces when you pull both strings with your hands.  Once you get to the appropriate level of shoe-tightness (a sophisticated technical engineering term), you push the wheel towards your heel, which sets the “laces” at the tension you desire.

To take off the golf shoe, you pull the dial back (which unlocks the laces) and just slide the shoe off with ease. All of this may sound a bit complicated, but it’s incredibly easy to do in practice.  Another important detail to note is that the BOA system starts at the heel of the golf shoe and moves throughout it.  This connects the heel of the golf shoe to the forefoot, which makes the entire shoe wrap around your foot as you tighten it.  Overtime, this shoe actually molds to your foot as you break it in.  A great improvement.

Image of the Footjoy Tour-S Boa dial laces.

Does the Footjoy Tour-S BOA dial work?

Yes, the BOA dial works.  You know the old adage, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it?”  We initially thought that traditional golf laces were doing just fine and wondered why Footjoy was trying to “fix” them.  We also worried that this would subtract from the golf shoe in some way.  But thankfully for Footjoy and any golfer who owns these shoes, we can report that this technology works great.

The BOA dial easily tightens golf shoes to the desired tension of the golfer.  But more importantly, the BOA system allows the Footjoy Tour-S BOA to remain at the desired tension for as long as you wear the golf shoe.  This is a big improvement over traditional lace systems which loosen over time and can often require retying.  If you’re like us, when your shoelaces get loose, you get frustrated and retie your shoes too tight cutting off circulation to your feet – essentially creating a vicious cycle.  The BOA system eliminates all of that.  BOA technology also saves you a bit of time when putting the shoe on and taking it off – it’s not a significant difference, but still, it’s an improvement.  Overall, the BOA system reduces headaches and makes the golf shoe even more comfortable.

Clean Look

Just like the Footjoy Tour-S, the Footjoy Tour-S BOA has a clean look.  These golf shoes are fashionable and sleek without looking gimmicky.  Though some golfers may prefer the look of traditional laces, the BOA’s manage to keep the traditional sporty golf-shoe look without looking too futuristic.  These golf shoes feature clean lines and pair well with any golf outfit.  Our only wish is that the Footjoy Tour-S Boa came with different color options.  Right now, it appears they only come in white with dark grey and orange accents.  While these shoes look great, it would be nice to have some additional color options for those that want more variety.

PowerPlate Outsole – Lots of Stability

The Footjoy Tour-S Boa features a PowerPlate outsole that provides an incredibly lightweight stable platform.  The PowerPlate outsole is made up of an integrated carbon weave fiberglass midfoot plate and 9 additional LaunchPods.  The PowerPlate and LaunchPod technology used in the Footjoy Tour-S Boa maximizes ground coverage and the result is an ultra stable golf shoe.  When you combine this with the Boa technology, this shoe almost feels like it’s glued to your foot when playing.  It offers tremendous stability.

Image of the top of the Footjoy Tour S Boa golf shoe.

PowerStrap Technology

Just like the Footjoy Tour-S, the Footjoy Tour-S Boa features FootJoy’s proprietary PowerStrap technology. PowerStrap is a molded component that is integrated into the upper part of the FootJoy Tour-S golf shoe.  The PowerStrap gives the golf shoe its lock-down lateral and medial support.  This prevents your foot from sliding around inside of the shoe when you’re pushing up against gravity to maximize the force at impact.  To ensure a precise fit round after round, the Footjoy Tour-S Boa also features ComforTongue and SecureCollar technology.  This golf shoe will mold to your feet over time and seemingly only gets better as you break it in and continue to wear it.

Extra Comfort and Waterproof

The Footjoy Tour-S Boa uses a dual-density PU Fit-Bed that ensures all-day underfoot comfort.  This technology helps the shoe mold to the natural shape of your foot.  In addition to PU tech, the FootJoy Tour-S Boa features top grade premium leather.  These premium leather uppers make these golf shoes waterproof for adverse weather conditions.  You can’t be one of the best golf shoes without being waterproof,  and these premium leather golf shoes ensure top-grade feel and waterproof protection.

Are these the best golf shoes for you?

The Footjoy Tour-S was already one of the best golf shoes of 2018.  With the addition of the Boa technology this golf shoe only got better.  The Footjoy Tour-S Boa is more comfortable and more stable and really has no discernable drawbacks.  We reviewed these golf shoes as skeptics and are now fans.  Without a doubt, the Footjoy Tour-S Boa’s are some of the best golf shoes of 2018 and an improvement on an already great shoe.



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