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Golf Club Review: Callaway Apex Utility Irons

Callaway Apex Utility Irons

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past ten years, you know that hybrid clubs have become popular.  This trend is not without merit.  These types of golf clubs are the best golf clubs for players that don’t like to hit long irons.  Let’s be honest, hitting a 3 iron is hard – really hard.  The name ‘hybrid’ comes from the fact that these clubs are part iron and part fairway wood – but more wood than anything else.  This combination has allowed many golfers to hit high quality shots without a 3, 4, or even 5 iron in their bag.  However, not every golfer has fallen in love with hybrid golf clubs and the Callaway Apex Utility iron is a great alternative.

Some golfers feel that hybrid golf clubs too much like woods.  They offer a high ball flight that can be hard to control in certain situations and the ball doesn’t have any bite when landing on the green.  The solution to this problem lies with utility irons.  The Callaway Apex Utility Irons fill that gap.  They are much easier to hit when you get into long iron situations, but they offer the control of an iron.  Let’s get into the details.


Not Quite a Hybrid – Not Quite an Iron

In many ways, these clubs are a hybrid of a hybrid.  These utility irons from Callaway look more like irons than a standard hybrid, yet they have a hollow head like a fairway wood.  Thanks to the hollow head, these clubs are easier to hit than your normal long irons, and they will launch higher as well.  Depending on the kind of distance you are looking for with this club, you can pick from three available lofts – 18, 21, and 24 degree.

Standard with Graphite Shafts

If you play a steel-shafted set of irons, you probably have steel shafts in your long irons as well.  Those steel shafts might work nicely when you are playing a nine iron or pitching wedge shot, but they can make it tough to get the ball off the ground with a 3 iron.  The Callaway Apex Utility Iron’s graphite shaft carries a lower overall weight and makes it easier for you to lift the ball.  Pick the correct flex for your game and you’ll find that the graphite shaft makes this one of the best golf clubs to replace a long iron.

A Very Versatile Golf Club

So what kind of shots can be handled by a utility iron?  Is it the best golf club for shaping the ball with a long golf club?  First, and most obviously, these are great clubs to use off the tee on short par fours or in narrow fairways.  This type of golf club is also excellent for approach shots on par fives when you are trying to reach the green in two.  Essentially, the Callaway Apex Utility is one of the best golf clubs for situations that demand both length and accuracy.  With more forgiveness than a long iron and more control than a fairway wood, you may find yourself putting for eagle more frequently.  Around the greens, you can even use your utility iron to play little bump and run shots from the side of the putting surface.

Are these the best golf clubs for you?

If you hate your 3 iron and want more versatility than a traditional hybrid, this is the best golf club for you.  Overall, this is forged golf club will be much easier to hit than your old long irons.  If you want more out of a golf than hybrids offer, the Callaway Apex Utility Iron is the best golf club for you.


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