Golf Club Review: Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal Golf Irons

Image of Mizuno JPX919 Hot Metal clubhead.

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Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal Golf Irons

The Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metals are Mizuno’s latest game-improvement irons designed for players that value forgiveness, distance, and high ball flight.  These golf clubs are an updated version of the Mizuno JPX 900 Hot Metals, which were Mizuno’s best-selling iron last season.  The Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metals feature slightly larger heads for more forgiveness and great overall design.  These golf clubs are a somewhat easier to hit and more aesthetically pleasing version of last season’s model.  Let’s take a closer at the Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal irons to see if they’re the best golf clubs for you.


Designed for High Ball Flight

Mizuno designed the JPX 919 Hot Metal golf irons with both ball speed and approach angle in mind. Because the golf clubs are designed to get the ball into the air, they promote a high ball flight and steep angle of descent (approach angle).  This steeper angle helps prevent the ball from coming in too hot, which can cause it to run off of the back of the green.  In theory, a steeper approach angle will help improve your proximity to the hole on approach shots.  However, you still have to hit it near the pin.  A steep approach angle will not help you avoid greenside hazards. 



The JPX 919 Hot Metal clubheads are constructed out of a very resilient material called Chromoly 4140M. If you look at the hosel of the golf club, you’ll see “Chromoly” written down the side of it.  The use of this strong metal allowed engineers to build a clubhead with a face that has varying thickness.  Mizuno claims that this “varying thickness” results in unprecedented ball speeds and forgiveness at impact.

Down the line view of the Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal golf iron hosel

Cupped Face

The heads of the JPX 919 Hot Metal irons feature a seamless one-piece cupped design. This one-piece design produces excellent feedback for a golf club that aims to maximize ball speeds. The JPX 919 Hot Metal irons aim to maximize distance, but the design also includes features that enhance forgiveness at impact. In addition to a cupped face, the JPX 919 Hot Metal irons feature re-engineered sound ribs that ensure specific vibrations at impact.  These vibrations are intended to promote a satisfying and forgiving feel.

 Stable Frame

The JPX 919 Hot Metal irons feature a stability frame design.  The frame is open at the heel portion, which enhances stability, creates higher launch, and promotes flight apex that ensures soft landing controllable iron shots.

Unique “tour like” Wedges

The JPX 919 Hot Metal irons include a full set of wedges (pitching, gap, sand, and lob wedge).  Although Mizuno designed these wedges to match the set, they made the wedges out of a softer material and added tour precision milled grooves that promote increased spin and control on chip and pitch shots around the green. With many players implementing a mixed back these days (some blades some cavity/forged irons), Mizuno is keeping pace with the times and offering the best of both worlds.


The JPX 919 Hot Metal irons are game improvement irons, which is evident in their strong standard lofts.  Increase distance isn’t achieved only with technological innovation.  Club manufacturers are starting to reduce loft to get more distance out of each club.  Golfers used to frown on this practice, but as golf club technology improves, club manufacturers don’t have to sacrifice high ball flight to get more distance anymore.   Lofts for these irons are below.

Golf iron lofts of the Mizuno JPX 919 Hotel metal golf clubs  


The JPX 919 Hot Metal irons offer a sleek design that will look good in the bag of any golfer.   They have a relatively slim top line that inspires confidence at address.  Mizuno is known for designing some of the best-looking irons on the market and the JPX 919 Hot Metal irons do not disappoint.  These golf clubs look great, and Mizuno added pearl brush chrome plating to soften the lines of these clubs in high sunlight.  They look great in your hands and your bag.

Image of the top line of the Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal golf iron

Are these the best golf clubs for you?

The JPX 919 Hot Metal irons are a great set of game improvement irons with design features that you would expect from a tour preferred iron. The JPX 919 Hot Metal irons promote maximum distance, but also offer excellent control and feel. They are available in a wide variety of setup options, and to top it all off; they feature an affordable price tag – which is rare for Mizuno irons. Mizuno has done it again and made some of the best golf irons of 2019.


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