Golf Club Review: TaylorMade M3 Irons

TaylorMade M3 golf irons. Best golf irons for distance.

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 TaylorMade M3 Irons

Similar to last year, with the Taylormade M2 and M1 irons, Taylormade has designed a golf club for an improving player who wants a sleek golf iron with innovative forgiveness.  TaylorMade has designed and produced some of the best golf irons in the game recently and they’re still adding to that growing list.  One of the latest additions to their family is the Taylormade M3 golf iron.

These golf irons are the predecessor to last year’s Taylormade M1 irons.  They’re built for distance, very forgiving, and designed for bogey golfers or better.  We’d place these irons somewhere between the Taylormade P790s and the Taylormade M4s in terms of forgiveness.   A lot of the technology found in the Taylormade M1 is found in the M3 with a few differences that make this golf club even longer.   Let’s take a look at what puts the Taylormade M3 irons near the top of our best golf club list.


Image of the Taylormade M3 golf iron clubhead. Three different angles.


The Taylormade M3 golf irons feature a smaller profile with a thinner sole and topline.  This gives them a nice look from the top line without that clunky feel we all want to avoid.  At address they look clean and the back of the clubhead doesn’t feature any loud colors or over-the-top branding that will go out of style by the end of the year.  Taylormade’s minimal design and classic look is great for golfers looking to play these irons for a few years.

RIBCOR Technology

Composite image of Taylormade RIBCOR technology.

The M3 irons feature TaylorMade’s new breakthrough iron innovation called RibCOR.  RibCOR technology promotes a longer, higher, and straighter ball flight by reducing the penalty suffered on mishits.  In engineering speak, RibCOR technology increases the coefficient of resolution (COR) throughout the entire surface of the clubface.   This makes the golf club far more forgiving by increasing the amount of energy that is transferred from the golf club to the golf ball on off-center shots.   This increased forgiveness is accomplished by placing two bars on either side of the clubface (as seen above).  Placing these bars on the outer portions of the clubface increases the flex of the face, which in turn increases COR.

TaylorMade M3 Golf Iron Specs

SWING WEIGHT (ST/GR)D2 / C9D2 / C9D2 / C9D2 / C9D2 / C9D2 / C9D2 / D0D2.5 / D0.5D2.5 / D0.5D4.5 / D3

Speed Pocket

The Taylormade M3 golf irons also feature speed pockets.  These speed pockets are designed to increase ball speed at impact by also increasing the flexibility around the clubface. You may be noticing a theme here.  Taylormade has really focused its efforts on making its drivers and golf irons flexible around the clubface this season.  This flexibility is meant to make these golf clubs more forgiving.

Image of the sole of the Tayloremade M3 golf club.

Tungsten Weights

The Taylormade M3’s feature 15-gram tungsten weights to optimize the center of gravity. The result of this optimal center of gravity is improved launch and stability.

Are these the best golf clubs for you?

If you’re better than a bogey golfer but not a single digit handicapper and you’re looking to hit the ball further, these may be the best golf clubs for you.  They’re aesthetically pleasing and will add yards to your game on every club.   However, if you’re looking for maximum forgiveness, you may want to check out the Taylormade M4 irons.  The Taylormade M3 irons are made for golfers that want distance, but also like feel and may be looking to shape a shot or control trajectory from time to time.


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