Odyssey EXO Golf Putter Review

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Odyssey EXO is a combination of Odyssey’s best technologies and a masterpiece of art. Odyssey EXO is a family that features three models which make use of microhinge technology and the benefits of the revered “White Hot” insert. This combination of the company’s notable technologies add up to what some have termed the best putter ever rolled out. A perfect combination of elegance, performance, and technology has many golfers chomping at the bit for the May 2018 release.

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  • Microhinge insert
  • Fully Milled crown and sole
  • Premium look and elegant detailing
  • Classic 2-ball alignment system and high MOI

White Hot Microhinge

Odyssey redefined feel when they introduced the White Hot insert. They have further transformed roll through the introduction of  Microhinge technology. The Odyssey EXO has combined these two technologies to come up with what is known as White Hot Microhinge technology. The face incorporates a series of flexible stainless-steel hinges that improve the roll and a polymer insert that maintains that soft feel. However, the hinges in Odyssey EXO are a little bigger than those of the odyssey O-Works family.

Odyssey EXO Golf Putter Review - Microhinges | TwoGolfGuys.com

Performance and MOI

Every player needs a putter that performs. By combing two materials, stainless steel and aluminum, Odyssey EXO increases MOI by up to 50%. This is the physics behind it: If you move the mass from the middle to the perimeter, you increase the MOI and improve rotational stability. This is achieved by EXO through removing steel from the middle and replacing it with aluminum 6061 which is lighter. Mixing the two types of metal in the head allows Odyssey to redistribute the weight  towards a shallower center of gravity which maximizes forgiveness in each shot.

Odyssey EXO Golf Putter Review - Top View | TwoGolfGuys.com

The EXO models keeps the classic 2-ball alignment system and high MOI, making this putter easy to aim and remarkably stable on off-center hits. The EXO line includes putters with moderate and maximum toe-hang and face-balanced models, giving golfers every option to match an Odyssey putter with their stroke-style.

Feel and Sound

The polymer insert on the Odyssey EXO model produces the feel of the popular White Hot Insert. The insert produces more sound on impact than that of the Odyssey O-Works models. The extensive milling process also enhances the soft, firm feel of the EXO models.


These putters are skim milled for a premium look and feel. This light yet precise milling process refines edges and corners while giving the surface a premium look and feel. This premium EXO putter line carries the red and black color design while introducing a White-Hot Microhinge insert and redistributed weighting scheme.

Odyssey EXO Golf Putter Review - Top View | TwoGolfGuys.com
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There you have it, the Odyssey EXO family includes premium putters with an irresistible look and great performance.

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