Odyssey O-Works Golf Putter Review

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When you think of putters, Odyssey is likely to come to mind. Odyssey is a market leader when it comes to putting technologies, and the O-works putters are redefining “feel”  on the green. A masterpiece of beauty and technology, Odyssey introduces the O-works family with an aim to help everyone putt like a pro. But are the benefits of the new designs worth it? Let’s take a closer look at the specs.

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Microhinge Insert Technology

One thing that makes these putters standout is the new microhinge technology. The insert consist of two pieces, a stainless steel hinge plate backed by a soft thermoplastic elastomer inner layer. Micro-hinge technology provides incredible gains in topspin and roll at impact regardless of your stroke. According to Odyssey research, when most pros putt, the impact creates a forward roll which helps the ball keep a consistent path and speed while increasing the accuracy. Amateurs tend to impart a back spin which causes skidding and bouncing and makes it harder for them to put the ball in the hole.

Odyssey O-Works Golf Putter Review - Microhinge Technology | TwoGolfGuys.com

The microhinge insert technology promotes immediate forward roll, improving accuracy.  When the ball comes in to contact with the face, the flexible stainless steel hinges gives the ball a slight lift from the ground and then creates an immediate forward roll. The forward roll is important because it enables the ball to follow the intended path more accurately.

 Sound and Feel

The other notable thing about the Odyssey O-works microhinge insert, is the feel it creates. Odyssey understands that playing is not only about scoring but also the feel. The soft thermoplastic elastomer inner layer in the microhinge insert is softer than the cover of the average tour ball, producing a uniquely soft and satisfying feel at impact.

Odyssey O-Works Golf Putter Review - Microhinges | TwoGolfGuys.com

Versa T Alignment

All the models in the family feature the Versa T Alignment system to further promote accuracy. By using a contrasting black and white color scheme and large T alignment lines, Odyssey has made it easier to hit the ball at the center of the face. Accuracy simplified.

Odyssey O-Works Golf Putter Review - Versa T Alignment | TwoGolfGuys.com
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The odyssey o-works family features two finishes which are black and Odyssey red which is driven by tour feedback. The O-Works family also use tour proven shapes & mallets with toe hang which are some of the most prolific models that have dominated tour events and major championships for years. Apart from that, the putters also feature sole weights to improve on balance and a Super-stroke grip.


Just in a single family, Odyssey has managed to revolutionize feel, redefine accuracy and transform roll. This is a family worth checking out as it is raising the bar on putter technology. With 9 models in the family, there is something here for everyone.

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