Ping G400 Review

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If you want to play the driver swung by the 2018 Masters champion, Patrick Reed, here it is: the PING G400. Even though the look of this driver may be the simplest on the market, it’s packed with advanced technology that make it one of the best out there. It has a new forged face, custom weighting, improved sound, aerodynamic head, and a sleek new look for style points. There are four different types of G400s in their series that’ll fit any player; the standard G400, max (460cc), LST (low spin), and SFT (straight flight). Be sure to include one of these on your list of potential new drivers.

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Faster T9S+ Forged Face

The forged face on the PING G400, called the T9S+, was designed to flex more. This feature produces higher ball speeds off the face at impact, leading to more distance overall. Additionally, it creates a powerful sound and feel which is always important in a new driver. I can attest, the sound and feel off the face of the G400 is smooth and powerful, one of the best I’ve hit so far.

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Tungsten Back Weight

The PING G400 features a Tungsten back weight that creates an extremely high MOI, over 9,000. This, paired with the deep center of gravity, leads to a straighter ball off the tee. Even though the club looks fairly simple, you’re still able to customize the launch by adding or subtracting 1 degree of loft.

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Faster Shape & Enhanced Acoustics

I’ll be honest, I didn’t think that look and sound would be a big factor in selecting a driver for me. When I was on staff with TaylorMade several years ago, I was given the R1. If you remember anything about that driver, it was, in my opinion, the ugliest driver I’ve ever set eyes on, but I didn’t care because I crushed it. So, when doing research on the G400 they mentioned the sound and look of the driver as an advantage, I laughed it off, but after hitting it I was convinced. The look and sound of the driver definitely contributes to a player’s overall confidence they carry with a club. In this case, the sound made me feel like I had more power than normal. The sleek, matte black look, and “Dragonfly Technology” (discussed below) made me comfortable and relaxed standing over the ball. The numbers don’t lie either, the design reduces drag by 40% in the mid-downswing and 15% overall, meaning you’ll see an uptick in club head speed and ball velocity.

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Dragonfly Technology

PING is calling the crown design on the G400 “Dragonfly Technology.” Basically, it creates an ultra-thin crown and skirt, which saves weight. This weight savings helps the center of gravity location and contributes to the MOI mentioned above. The improved center of gravity builds a driver with greater forgiveness and accuracy. This was definitely something I noticed when hitting it; My dispersion seemed much closer together than my current driver and my mishits still sounded and felt strong.

Ping G400 Review - Dragonfly Technology |

Shaft Selection

One thing I’ve always love about PING is that they pay attention to even the smallest details. For example, the gold paint on their stock shaft transitions to nearly black at address, so it eliminates even the slightest chance of distraction to the player. I’m not sure I’ve ever been distracted by paint on a shaft, but this is a very cool feature.

In addition, the shafts available are wide ranging and offer enough diversity to fit any player. PING offers shafts anywhere from 53-80g, which will fit anyone. For those looking to improve their swing speed or get the ball higher, consider a lower weighted shaft. They also make selecting a shaft really easy. They don’t lead with information on kick-point or tip stiffness, which can be confusing to some players. Instead, they categorize all their shafts based on the desired launch angle; low, low-mid, mid, mid-high, and high.

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So, PING has thought of it all with the G400, even down to the smallest details like shaft color, sound, and look of the crown. All this means that they have paid more attention to the things that can’t be seen. As a result, they’ve developed a driver that performs for players of every skill level. Logo

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