Ping Sigma G Series Golf Putter Review

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The Ping Sigma G putters are out! Designed with great precision, the Sigma G putters are meant to improve the overall performance and experience of all golfers by including 16 models in the line. Let’s take a closer look at the different technologies and design elements that make this line of putters worth your attention.

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  • Milled 6061 aluminum
  • High-energy Pebax Elastomer insert
  • True Roll technology
  • Hand availability: left and right
  • Grip: Ping P60 mid-size, Ping PP62 over-size, Ping CB60 counter-balance.
  • Putter Insert: blade, mallet
  • Two proprietary grip options
  • Models : Anser, B60, Kinloch, D66, Kushin, Darby, Tybe, Doon, Ketsch B, Piper 3, Tess, Shea H, Wolverine T

True Roll Technology

Popularly shortened as TR, this is a unique technology offered by Ping that ensures the ball rolls equal distance whether you catch from the toe, heel or from the center. This is designed to offer maximum forgiveness and also ensure consistency. True Roll is achieved through the special milling on the 6061 Aluminum. The groves are deeper at the center and the depth reduces as you move towards the heel and the toe to ensure maximum forgiveness by reducing ball to face contact in the middle. As you move outwards, there is increased ball to face contact, ensuring that the ball moves the same distance independent of which part of the face catches the ball.

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The Face Insert

Another unique technology that is featured in the Sigma G putter line is the High-energy Pebax Elastomer insert  behind the anodized 6061 aluminum face which provides a soft feel without slowing the ball’s speed. Overall this  ensures full-face forgiveness and consistent distance control. The Pebax elastomer is also light, which adds up to light weight putters ranging from 340g to 400g.

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Sound and Feel

Sigma G has used some unique pistol grips that improve the soft feel of the putters. The use of Pebax elastomer has also increased the soft feel due to its high energy emission. However, some models feel hollow and end up producing a loud sound which some people may not really like.

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High MOI Design

Impact stability in all Sigma G models is increased as a result of a larger face insert cavity that allows weight savings to be redistributed further towards the perimeter to increase the MOI hence increasing the forgiveness of the putter.


The Sigma G putters are premium products worth a try. Their performance is solid and the technology is as good as described. They offer many golfers a chance to improve overall ball control. Logo

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