Ping Vault 2.0 Golf Putter Review

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If you are shopping for a 100% milled putter in 2018, you definitely need to check out the new Ping Vault 2.0. PING Vault putters are named after the famous Gold Putter Vault, which gleams with gold-plated and solid-gold replicas of winning PING putters, today numbering close to 3,000. Ping Vault 2.0 is a product of intelligent engineering to exacting standards which are fully machined to the tightest tolerance standards. The family features six models of the ping vault 2.0. If you need that classic, premium, look and feel, the Ping Vault has something to offer.

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  • 100%-milled putters
  • Precision-milled
  • Patented True Roll Technology (TR)
  • Custom-weighting system (offers sole weight options in steel (standard-weight head), tungsten (15 gms heavier than standard) and aluminum (15 gms lighter than standard)
  • Finishes: Copper, Platinum and Stealth
  • Models: Dale Anser, Voss, B60, ZB, Piper, Ketsch
  • Material: Steel
  • Weight: 350 grams
  • Hand availabilty: Left and right hand
  • Adjustability: Face angle and the weight
  • Left and Right Handed lofts: 3 Degrees

True Roll Technology

The TR technology by Ping has earned its name because it works. This exclusive technology has been maintained in almost all Ping putters since its induction. Precision-milled TR technology ensures full-face forgiveness for consistent speed off the face. The individually milled face pattern varies in depth and pitch across the face, which speeds up off-center impacts, improving consistency and ultimately leading to fewer three-putts. You really don’t have to ‘panic ‘when you miss the center, TR will take care of that. TR technology also enhances ball control in a great way.

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Sole Weights

Are you constantly struggling with balancing between the putting speed and the weight of the putter? Then Ping has taken care of your needs. With “interchangeable weight inserts” you can easily chose the weight you need the putters head to be.  This new custom-weighting system offers sole weight options in steel head, with two options of tungsten (15 gms heavier than standard) and aluminum (15 gms lighter than standard) to match your feel and balance preferences.  The use of different materials enable you to either increase or decrease weight to fit your preferences. This gives you the ability to fine tune the head weight to your individual swing balance.

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The Sound and Feel

The Ping Vault 2.0 family has a soft and solid feel that gives really good feedback. The soft and solid touch comes from the 303 forge material that is a little thicker at the face of the putters, aimed at tuning the impact feel and acoustics. The putters also feature the Ping Pistol grips which further enhance the soft feel.

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The Ping Vault 2.0 is a work of art with a premium look crowned by three beautiful finishes in copper, stealth, and platinum. If you need to try out something cool this season, then you definitely need to check out these putters. They are high end, but worth every penny!

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