Precision Pro NX7 Pro Review

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Precision Pro NX7 Pro

The Precision Pro NX7 Pro is a moderately priced range finder that will go easy on your bank account while still providing you with a host of cool features. This actually isn’t our first rodeo with a Precision Pro product. We also took a look at the Precision Pro NX7 – a unit similar to this one minus the slope reader technology.

Precision Pro has a history of making good equipment that lives up to their name. Today we will look at the features of this newer device to see if it suits your needs. Read on!




Simple Layout

Precision Pro keeps things very simple with the layout of this unit. There are only two buttons: one that activates the device, and another that helps you to switch between slope and non slope mode.

PrecisionPro NX7 Pro Slope Rangefinder - Design and Packaging |

The sparse layout keeps things easy so you don’t need a PhD to figure it out. It’s ready right out of the box.

Slope Mode

PrecisionPro NX7 Pro Slope Rangefinder |

Slope mode is the big selling point for this unit as it compares to the previous iteration. Slope technology is becoming increasingly prevalent with rangefinders everywhere, and for good reason. This added layer of precision can make a big impact on the eventual club that you select.

Slope detection is pretty much what it sounds like it would be. The laser reader is able to identify both the distance to your target, and the degree to which the surface area slopes around it.

This will be a great asset to have on hand if you are trying to pull a club on a tight downhill par three.

There is one thing to keep in mind though. Slope technology is not tournament legal. In most tournaments, you can use rangefinders, but only if they are not actively measuring for slope.

Fortunately, the NX7 Pro is able to compensate for this by giving users the option to turn slope mode off.

Lock and Vibrate Technology

Another nice improvement from the regular NX7 is this unit’s ability to lock onto a target, and then vibrate once it’s been found.

As the Precision Pro scans for distance it is also trying to lock onto the flag. Once it accomplishes this and completes the reading it will vibrate so you can consult the findings, and pull your club accordingly.

This combination of features helps you to be confident that you are getting the final read on the target you have selected.


Given the name of this product, it stands to reason that accuracy is a big priority. And indeed it does seem to be. The Precision Pro is accurate to within .3 of a yard, keeping it competitive with many top of the line options on the market.

Let’s be real. Most of us don’t need anything even close to that level of accuracy. But with readings that are that close, you do get the whole caddy like experience, and the best possible chance of hitting the ball stiff.


The optic value of a rangefinder is another critical consideration to keep in mind. For the purposes of functionality, the optics here are quite good. You’re able to zoom in up to six times with this unit so that you can get an accurate reading from hundreds of yards out.

PrecisionPro NX7 Pro - Visual |

Ultimately the visuals leave you without anything serious to complain about. That said, if you’ve ever used a higher end range finder before, you might find this option to be a little bit fuzzier by comparison.

It’s the sort of thing you really only notice when you put two options side by side together, but it’s also a factor some will want to keep in mind.


Perhaps the most enticing aspect of this device is its price. Well, not just its price. It’s value. The Precision Pro NX7 Pro features most of the same features you might expect to see in a high-end unit, but comes in at roughly half the price as many of them.

Rather than shelling out the same amount of money you would pay for a new driver, or a used set of irons, you’re paying the equivalent of say, a hybrid.

The performance value is not exceptionally different than that of the higher end units either. While a Bushnell rangefinder might feature better optics, and come in sturdier casing, it won’t outperform this option in any significant ways.

If you really want to you can pay a little bit more to get features that are a little bit plushier, but the incentive to do so is limited.

Something We Didn’t Like

As you can see, for the most part, we are pretty happy overall with this device. However, there is one irritating issue that we noticed over and over again: the device is very particular about how you hold it.

If you cup your hand too broadly over the Precision Pro, it will detect your skin, rather than the target, and start giving radically inaccurate readings. The good news is that the readings are so inaccurate, you would never mistakenly pull the wrong club. The bad news is that it can be hard to realize you’re doing anything wrong in the first place.

Fortunately, there is a pretty easy fix to the problem. Just hold the Precision Pro a little bit timidly. If you grip it with a few fingers rather than the entire hand, you should be able to avoid this issue altogether.

PrecisionPro NX7 Pro - Side |


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So there it is. The Precision Pro NX7 Pro performs like the high-end options, and comes in at about half the price. That’s a value offering you just can’t beat.

Ultimately, this option will prove to be a good fit for just about anyone. If you do feel compelled to pay more for a few small upgrades, you’re always welcome to do so by opting for one of the more well established manufactures.

However, if you want a rangefinder that offers quality and affordability, there’s no beating the Precision Pro NX7 Pro.

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