Sun Mountain ClubGlider Journey Wheeled Travel Cover

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The Sun Mountain ClubGlider Journey is a truly unique golf travel bag. It has a simple, yet very modern design, which offers good protection for your clubs alongside excellent maneuverability. Winner of the 2016 Golf Digest Award for Best Golf Travel Cover,  there is a lot to love about this product. Let’s dive in for a more detailed look at the stand out features that make this bag worth the asking price.
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The dimensions are 52x14x14 inches, so it will be enough to pack a standard sized golf bag inside along with up to 47” clubs. A little narrower than some other travel covers, you may want to be sure the dimensions will accommodate your bag before purchasing.

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Another difference when comparing this model to other bags is that the pockets have interior access, with space to put a pair of shoes and some small things inside. This really adds some security to the design. You won’t have to lock down several exterior compartments to feel good about the privacy of the contents of your bag during travel.


The material is very strong and durable, with added paddings in the club section to provide more security for your club heads. However, we recommend that you consider purchasing a stiff arm to add protection to make sure your clubs won’t be damaged by baggage handlers.

There is an inside strap to tighten your bag, and 2 additional outside straps, to give additional protection. The main two-way zipper is heavy-duty so you won’t have problems with opening or closing even if you pack it to the gills. Weighing in at 10.7 pounds, you will be able to get this in underweight for standard airline luggage requirements.


The stand out feature that got the ClubGlider series on the map is the wheeling system. Instead of a standard 2-wheel system, this bag has an additional two wheels that are mounted on metal legs that extend from the solid plastic base. The extra wheels can turn a full 360 degrees, allowing you to maneuver the bag using just one finger.

Not only does the innovative wheel system make pulling a breeze and turns a snap, they also make this golf bag cover extremely stable while at rest. The extra stability means you don’t need to kneel on the floor to pack your bag–just pull out the wheels and it will stand steady at the perfect angle for packing.

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The Sun Mountain ClubGlider Journey offers an innovative solution to maneuverability and ease of packing with a wheeling system that has earned it a great deal of attention. Combined with quality construction, sensible storage options, and a reasonable price tag, this is a golf bag cover that is definitely worth a second look. If you travel frequently, this easy to move golf bag cover will quickly pay for itself with less stress on your back and shoulders.

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