TaylorMade Hi-Toe Golf Wedges Review

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From the moment you pick up the TaylorMade Hi-Toe wedge, you can tell that there is something different about this club. The grooves on the face and the pattern on the sole both set this wedge apart from any other wedge on the market today. If you’re looking for something unique and cutting edge, this wedge may be just the thing. It’s currently being played by some of the greatest players in the world, including Dustin Johnson, Jon Rahm, Rory McIlroy, and Justin Rose.

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Full-Face Scoring Lines, Expanded Toe, and Weighting

The first thing you’ll notice about this club is that the grooves are extended all the way to the toe of the face. TaylorMade calls these their full-face scoring lines, which allow for more versatility and spin on shots around the green. It allows a player to open the face or close it down without sacrificing any spin. The expanded and high toe gives it a higher center of gravity, which will stop the club from closing down and allow players to keep the face open easier on high lofted shots.

World number one, Dustin Johnson, provided TaylorMade with the input to extend the wedge grooves all the way to the end of the face. So, if it’s good for DJ, you know it’ll be good for every other golfer. On the underside of the club, you’ll see that there are three areas where weight has been removed. This helps to raise the center of gravity as well on the club and further provides higher spin rates on partial shots.

Milled Sole Grind

The Hi-Toe features the same ATV (all-terrain versatility) sole that TaylorMade has had in their wedges over the last few years. They’ve updated their wedges with a computer-milled sole which gives the Hi-Toe more consistency from wedge to wedge. Meaning, you can be sure that no matter which one you choose, they are made exactly the same.

TaylorMade has also made sure that the sole grind in the Hi-Toe provides optimal heel and toe relief, which will allow players to make more consistent and solid contact no matter what ground conditions they find themselves in. At the same time, there’s the right amount of bounce to give players the ability to hit great bunker shots, pick the ball clean off a tight dry lie, or flop it over an obstacle from the rough.

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Loft & Bounce Selection

The TaylorMade Hi-Toe wedge is a high-loft specialty wedge that is only offered in 58, 60, and 64 degrees. These are the lofts that players find the need to be most creative with their shots, whether that’s opening the face and hitting a high, soft shot or closing it down and blasting a ball out of a buried lie in the bunker. Every one of the wedges feature the ATV bounce grind mentioned above. This is a versatile bounce that allows players to hit shots in a variety of ground conditions and swing types.

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This special, high-lofted, wedge is perfect for players with a creative short game. A lot of wedge lines will attempt to make a club that is the best at every aspect of the short game, which isn’t always possible. With this wedge, TaylorMade was unapologetically laser-focused on creating a high-lofted wedge for the creative player around the greens. Any player who likes to mess around with different shot types and try new things all the time to see what works will enjoy the versatility of this club. Not to mention, the look of the club forces you to feel more confident when standing over a shot that you’re about to try for the first time. Players will have a lot of fun with this wedge, no matter their skill level.

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