Titleist Vokey SM7 Golf Wedges Review

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Titleist recently released their 2018 wedge, the Vokey SM7, which follows in the footsteps of the SM6. This is one of the most trusted wedges on Tour. Titleist continues to be one of the industry leaders in wedges because of their simple and sleek designs, paired with high performance. The SM7 has an improved center of gravity, special spin milled grooves, a variety of sole grinds, and an incredible selection of loft/bounce selections to fit every player.

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Progressive Center of Gravity

When it comes to wedges, center of gravity is key, though not necessarily consistent from wedge to wedge depending on the loft and bounce. Titleist has made sure that, no matter what wedge combination you choose, they’ve selected the ideal location for the center of gravity. These wedges deliver incredible distance control, shot dispersion, and overall feel. These characteristics of the SM7 are going to make it a wedge that develops a loyal customer base among skilled players.

Titleist Vokey SM7 Golf Wedges Review - Base View | TwoGolfGuys.com

Spin Milled Grooves

What does it really mean to be “spin milled”? In the case of the SM7, it means that Titleist has created the sharpest and most consistent groove edges. Sharper, consistent grooves mean better spin and feel around the greens to give every player the ability to control their shot. The SM7 also features a parallel face texture that adds to the quality of shot and spin.

The milled groves are also optimized to the wedge loft of these clubs. For example, lower lofts (46-54) have narrower, deeper grooves than the higher lofts (56-62). The result of this is better spin and control on all types of shots with all of the wedges in this collection.

Titleist Vokey SM7 Golf Wedges Review - Milled Grooves | TwoGolfGuys.com

Tour Validated Grinds

This year, Titleist offers six different sole grinds on their SM7; F, S, M, D, K, and L. This wide variety gives all players plenty of options to find the best grind for their swing and course conditions. Specifically, the F grind is a sole for full swings and square face shots; best for lower lofts. The S, named for Steve Stricker, is similar to the F, but allows for more versatility in shot-type. The M grind is designed for players who rotate the club face a lot to manipulate shot direction, spin, and height. The D grind, the new one in the Titleist lineup, is a high bounce wedge that allows for versatility in shot making. The K grind is the highest bounce in the lineup and is called the “ultimate bunker club.” Finally, the L grind will deliver the highest level of greenside versatility, but is also the least forgiving wedge in the lineup.

Titleist Vokey SM7 Golf Wedges Review - Grind View | TwoGolfGuys.com

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Bounce Selection

The bounce selection that the Titleist SM7 offers is extensive. There’s anything from a 4-degree offering in the lob wedge all the way up to a 14-degree in other wedges. Bounce is a measure, in degrees, of the sole’s edge. It prevents a wedge from digging into the turf, which allows for improved contact. Basically, players with a steeper, digging-type swing and soft turf will want a high bounce. On the other hand, a shallower, sweeping-style swing on firm turf will require a low bounce. There are also mid-bounce options available for those who want to shoot for the middle.


The Titleist SM7 wedges are a great blend of style, performance, and adaptability that allows every golfer to find the perfect wedge for their game. This wedge can deliver the shot making ability, consistency, forgiveness, spin, and look that stands up against all of the best wedges on the market.

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