True Knit: Golf Shoe Review

Image of a grey, white, and tan knit golf shoe. One of the best golf shoes.

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True Knit Golf Shoe

True Manufacturing Company (TRUE) is a relatively new golf company that came onto the golf scene in 2009. The company primarily focuses on making comfortable golf shoes built for those of us who like to walk golf courses. Turns out, they’re really good at it. The True Knit golf shoe is one of the best golf shoes we’ve ever tested. It’s an extremely lightweight, flexible, and breathable golf shoe that somehow maintains stability throughout the swing. If you’re looking for a lightweight, foot-forming, breathable golf shoe for a warm climate (or those hot summer days), this may be the best golf shoe for you. Let’s get into the details:

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Black Truelinkswear TRUEknit golf shoe. Most lightweight shoe in golf.

Extreme Flexibility

The True Knit golf shoes are constructed with a polyester (90%) and spandex (10%) fully breathable one-piece upper component. This fabric combination allows these golf shoes to kind of wrap around your foot when you put them on. If you’re someone who struggles with wide feet, bunions, and/or oddly shaped feet, then these golf shoes will be a great option for you. They allow the material to support the foot without constricting it and forcing it to fit a predetermined mold that may be too narrow for your foot. In fact, Truelinkswear boasts that these shoes fit foot widths D-EEE.

Dark gray Truelinkswear TRUEknit golf shoes. lightweight golf shoes.

Breathable and Comfortable

True Knit golf shoes are extremely breathable. The stretch fabric is porous allowing air to flow through them easily cooling your foot when you walk or as the breeze hits your shoes. If you live in a hot climate or struggle with sweaty feet these are a phenomenal option. Your feet will never get too hot in these shoes. True Knit golf shoes are also very comfortable. They are very lightweight, weighing in at 9.5oz (size 9), which makes them one of the lightest golf shoes produced and without a doubt the lightest golf shoes we’ve ever tested. The combination of flexibility, stretch fabric, and lightweight characteristics allows you to wear these golf shoes all day long.

Because of the True Knit’s lightweight, breathable, minimalist design, it does have a few drawbacks. As you might imagine, it does not do well in cold weather or in wet conditions. Although the fabric is water repellant, which allows you to play when there’s dew on the ground or after a light rain, the golf shoe doesn’t hold up in steady rain or wet conditions. That being said, these golf shoes are still amazing. I typically wear these golf shoes 80% of the time and have a backup pair (my old pair of Nike Air Max golf shoes) in my trunk for rainy days.

Sole of the Truelinkswear TRUEknit golf shoe.

Are these the Best Golf Shoes for you?

True Knit golf shoes are some of the best golf shoes on the market. What TRUE may lack in experience, they make up for in superior manufacturing and creative design. With the True Knit golf shoe, they moved away from the clunky overly-reinforced golf shoe and freed its design to give players what they want – a lightweight, breathable, stretchy golf shoe that you won’t want to take off when the round is over. If you play in wet conditions all the time (maybe if you live in the Pacific Northwest?), you’ll probably want to stick with a more waterproof and warmer golf shoe. However, if you’re a weekend golfer looking for a lightweight, stretchy, and breathable golf shoe, this is the best golf shoe for you.

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