Under Armour Spieth One: Golf Shoe Review

Image of blue and white under armour Spieth one golf shoe. the best golf shoe on the market.

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Under Armour Spieth One

Under Armour has taken the athletics world by storm over the last couple of decades.  They are a powerhouse in nearly every sport, and now, that includes golf.  You’ve probably noticed Jordan Spieth wearing these golf shoes on the course.  And with the year that he’s had, you can certainly make the argument that they’ve helped his game.  Under Armour has applied its expert knowledge of athletics to the golf shoe, and the results are fantastic.  The Under Armour Spieth One golf shoes are lightweight, 100% waterproof, and provide golfers when tremendous comfort and stability.  Without a doubt, these are some of the best golf shoes available.

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A Clean Look

The Under Armour Spieth One golf shoes represent Jordan Spieth’s style very well.  These golf shoes are classic and modern.  They stand out from the pack without seeming obnoxious or over-the-top.  There is nothing in particular that stands out right away about the design of the Under Armour Spieth One golf shoes, which is exactly what many players are looking for.  They just look nice, solid, and clean.  Not too casual, but not snobby either.  They’re just like Jordan Spieth, modern with a nod to the old school.

Breathable and Waterproof

The best golf shoes on the market are waterproof.  As we all know too well, on the course you often find yourself playing in the rain or stepping in a puddle.  Shoe discomfort can be devastating and should not distract you from your golf swing.   A waterproof shoe goes a long way in wet conditions.  The Under Armour Spieth One is 100% waterproof and comes with two year warranty.  Because Under Armour’s bread and butter is making athletic clothing and footwear for athletes of all sports, these waterproof golf shoes are also breathable. Under Armour credits their UA Storm Technology for this development and golfers love the performance of these shoes in the rain.

Image of Under Armour Spieth One golf shoe. Bottom of golf shoe and side of golf shoe.

Lightweight with Lots of Grip

The Under Armour Spieth One golf shoe clocks in at 11 ounces, which is pretty lightweight for a golf shoe.  A lightweight shoe will reduce fatigue when playing a round of golf and could save you strokes down the line.  The Under Armour Spieth One golf shoe also features multi-dimensional spikes for excellent grip.  The golf shoe has 9 interchangeable golf grips, which are placed in a way that adds stability to the golf swing without creating unnecessary stiffness.

Are these the best golf shoes for you?

If you already own other Under Armour products, you know what kind of quality and performance usually comes with this brand name.  You can expect those same characteristics to come along with the Under Armour Spieth One.  The golf shoes are waterproof, comfortable, stable, and they look great.  The Under Armour Spieth One golf shoes are a no-brainer and are a pair of the best golf shoes on the market.

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